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All dogs are different...

At Uniq Nordic Gold, we know that no two dogs are the same. We also know that your dog's needs change throughout its lifetime. Therefore, Uniq Nordic Gold is available in five variants, each of which satisfies your dog's specific needs: Freja for mother and puppy, Idun for grown dogs, Sif for dogs with food sensitivity, Balder for dogs with allergy and fur problems, and finally, Mimer for older dogs.

Freja, Idun, Sif, Balder and Mimer are all available in 3 kg and 10 kg bags. We have chosen the most environmentally friendly packaging available, i.e. durable paper bags, as we want to embrace our responsibility for our dogs as well as for the world they share with us.

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Use Uniq Nordic Gold to ensure that your dog gets all the vitamins, mine-rals and nutrients it needs from pure and natural Nordic ingredients. You will also be making a conscious choice: artificial additives, colourings and flavour enhancers do not belong in your dog’s food.

Choose the type of Uniq Nordic Gold that is best for your dog and right for its age. Remember that a puppy grows as much during one year as a human child grows in 14 years, and that older dogs need easily digestible proteins, less fat and more glucosamine. But don’t forget that you know your dog best. So the diagram detailing food quantities is only a rough guide: appetite, metabolism and food intake vary immensely from dog to dog, depending on their race, weight, age, activity level, temperature, behaviour, etc.

Uniq Nordic Gold can be served either as dry food or softened in water – remember to serve it with a bowl of fresh, cool drinking water to ensure that your dog also gets to quench its thirst.

Store Uniq Nordic Gold at 5-25°C. Avoid humidity and bright sunlight.
Best before: See marking on bag.


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