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Organic herbs from our own fields

At Uniq Nordic Gold, we grow our own herbs. The herbs are all organic and have been selected based on their healthy and strengthening qualities. To protect the active ingredients, we first dry the herbs at low temperatures over several days. We then add the herbs in a sensitive process in which the temperature is kept below 40 degrees. In this way, we do not only maintain all the good vitamins, minerals and nutrients but we also prevent gastric torsion because the food will not swell in the dog's intestines.


accordion urter ZichorieSince ancient times, the chicory plant and its spectacular light blue flowers have been used as a remedy for liver and kidney diseases. Chicory contains bitter substances that regulate digestion as well as the carbohydrate inulin that stabilises the blood sugar. Inulin is known as an efficient probiotic which is the term used jointly for a number of micro-organisms with health-promoting qualities and a beneficial influence on the microbial flora of the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, surveys have shown that a daily intake of inulin results in a considerable growth of positive bifido bacteria in the large intestine. This leads to a reduction in harmful pathogenic putrefactive bacteria in the large intestine such as salmonella, shigella, listeria and campylobacter.


accordion urter schafgarbeFor centuries, yarrow has been known as a good remedy for infection. As yarrow contains so many different active ingredients, researchers today find it difficult to point out just one effect of yarrow. Common yarrow has a high content of flavonoids which have a number of important nutritional effects without being actual vitamins. Yarrow also contains many other active ingredients, including an essential oil consisting of camphor, cineol and chamazulene. In addition, yarrow contains achilleine, tanning agents, isovalerian acid, salicylic acid, asparagine and resin


accordion urter rotersonnenhutEchinacea comes from North America where Indians have used it for centuries to treat snake bites, insect bites and sore throats. Echinacea does not grow wild in nature in Europe but has long been grown in Central Europe as a medicinal herb and an ornamental plant.

The active ingredients in echinacea include chicory acid, various alkamides and polysaccharides. The top of the plant has an extra high content of chicory acid whereas the root primarily contains alkamides. Chicory acid and alkamides have an immune-stimulating effect, and for chicory acid, an antioxidative effect has also been demonstrated.


accordion urter persilleParsley is a Mediterranean plant. Today, several different variants of the old cultural plant have been developed: curled parsley, smooth parsley, parsley root and parsley celery that looks like parsley but tastes like celery. Many people think that the strongest taste is found in broad-leaved parsley and this view is supported by chemical analyses that show that broad-leaved parsley has a higher content of essential oils. Parsley is a useful antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. Parsley is rich in iron and has a purifying effect on kidneys and bladder.


accordion urter oreganoThe oregano plant is full of glands that contain fragrant essential oils. When oregano is in bloom, the field is full of bees and butterflies as the flower nectar is highly attractive to insects. The oregano grown for Uniq Nordic Gold is a variant with a high content of essential oils, and therefore it has a strong fragrance as well as taste. Oregano has a strong antibacterial effect and enhances the immune system.

Rose hip

accordion urter hagebuttenRose hip is the orange, bright red, brown or black fruits from one of approx. 10 species of wild roses. The fruits have a high content of vitamin C, vitamin A and calcium. The microscopic ingredients that give rose hip its characteristic colour have been found to enhance the effect of vitamin C. It is therefore not surprising that man has attributed healing qualities to rose hip for centuries such as strengthening of the immune system and protection against cold and infection. The high content of fibres and fruit acid in rose hip also facilitate digestion. In addition, the fruit contains lots of beta-carotene, various kinds of vitamin B and countless minerals such as potassium and phosphorous.

Milk thistle seed

accordion urter marietidselMilk thistle is a large, beautiful and high biennial thistle with white-spotted leaves. In botanic terms, milk thistle is closely related to artichokes. Both plants belong to the thistle family and resemble our own thistles, and both have large, red flower heads surrounded by prickly leaves. Milk thistle leaves contain silymarine which is a powerful antioxidant. Furthermore, milk thistle has a strong liver-strengthening effect.


accordion urter lucerneLucerne is originally from the Mediterranean area. It has an impressive root system and its roots can easily reach 10 meters into the ground. This does not only mean that the lucerne can get water, no matter how dry it is, but also that it is rich in beneficial microminerals. Furthermore, as some of the only fibres in the world, lucerne fibres have a toxin-binding effect, meaning that harmful toxins, including T2 toxins, are bound and excreted in the faeces.


accordion urter timianThyme is originally from Southern Europe and grows wildly in warm climates. But even a plant from the south of Europe can live in the cold, Nordic climate, because thyme grows in almost all kinds of ground as long as it is well-drained. Thyme has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and contains e.g. thymol, tanning agents and bitter substances.


accordion urter mynteThe mint plant contains flavonoids, ferments and an essential oil that mainly contains menthol, and it is harvested shortly before bloom. Peppermint has a spasmolytic, pain-relieving and calming effect. In addition, mint has an antibacterial effect.

Field horsetail

accordion urter ackernschachtelhalm

This highly active plant is an important supplier of silicic acid that facilitates the absorption and transformation of calcium and protects against the depositing of fat in the arteries.  Field horsetail contains a concentrated amount of minerals and has a strengthening effect on skin and fur. At the same time, field horsetail is contractive and haemostatic and is therefore recommended for stomach discomfort as well as general states of weakness.

Diese hochaktive Pflanze ist ein wichtiger Lieferant von Kieselsäure, welche die Aufnahme und die Verwertung von Kalk fördert und vor Fettablagerungen in den Arterien schützt.  Der Ackerschachtelhalm enthält eine konzentrierte Menge Mineralstoffe und wirkt stärkend auf Haut und Fell. Der Ackerschachtelhalm ist gleichzeitig zusammenziehend und blutstillend, und wird daher sowohl bei Magenproblemen als auch bei allgemeinen Schwächezuständen empfohlen.


accordion urter bockshornPowder from fenugreek seeds contains complex bioactive amino acids that help the pancreas produce insulin. Several tests have shown that the seeds have a positive effect on the dog's glucose level after a meal. There was no or very little increase in the blood's insulin content which is a clear sign of improved insulin sensitivity.


accordion urter fennikelFennel seeds have a strong aroma and contain vast amounts of essential oils. In Egypt, fennel has been known as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. It is allegedly a remedy for cramp, migraine, gastroenteritis, diarrhoea and intestinal gas.

Goat's rue

accordion urter GeissrauteGoat's rue facilitates the absorption of glucose in the cells and reduces the absorption of sugar from the small intestine. Goat's rue is known to be mildly diuretic. As it also lowers and adjusts the blood sugar level, goat's rue is very suitable for older dogs.