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    Donna & Frederik

    Donna is a bit of a prima donna. If she does not get a reward as soon as I have thrown her ball, I can forget all about trying again. If I do try to throw it again, Donna just looks at me with an expression that no doubt means: "Do you think I'm stupid?" That is just how she is – I simply cannot cheat her, and she sees through all my tricks. When I get home from school, she gives her very own characteristic dance of joy and then leaps straight into my arms.

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    Brimer & Nina

    Brimer is as big as he is calm, sweet and caring. When one of our other dogs had puppies, Brimer was naturally their loving uncle, nudging and encouraging them, showing them their way about our farm. I may add more human characteristics to Brimer than he actually has – but we have long conversations, and he understands everything and replies. And I cannot cheat him – he looks straight through me in his very own subtle way.

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    Bailey, Baloo & Lea

    Both Bailey and Baloo are really naughty, but mostly Baloo. Bailey is Baloo's daddy and you can easily tell, because Bailey has a hard time looking after him. If I'm not careful, they sometimes run off with my teddies and my shoes. They examine everything and are awfully curious. Both Bailey and Baloo like it best outside – and so do I, so we run around the garden together. When I come home from school, they jump up and down and dance and wag their tails. Bailey and Baloo are also very smart and clever, and I taught them how to stand on their hind legs.

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    Bastian & Peter

    Bastian's most dominant characteristic is that he loves to cuddle like no other dog. He loves to be stroked, and it is not at all difficult for him to say so. Basse, as we call him, simply comes over to me and insists on having his ears massaged, his lower back stroked or his belly caressed. Then we lie down on the floor and cuddle for a long time. Basse has now become an elderly dog and therefore his hind legs in particular have become a little stiff, but fortunately, it does not seem to bother him during our daily walks in the woods or at the beach.

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    Molly & Levi

    It is difficult not to be happy when I am with Molly. She is just the happiest creature I know, and it is catching. Molly just loves everybody – people and animals, cats as well as dogs, and particularly toddlers. When we go for a walk, she wants to stop and talk to all of them. Molly has a very well developed social gene and when we have guests, she spends the first 20 minutes showing them all her toys. She gets out one toy at the time and puts it in the lap of our guests as if to say: "See what I've got".

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    Fie & Jytte

    I have had many dogs but none of them has bonded as strongly with me as Fie! It was simply love at first sight and we are practically inseparable. My working hours change with regular night shifts but even so, Fie follows my circadian rhythm and we always get up and go to bed at the same time. She sleeps in her basket next to my bed. Since she was very little, Fie has ridden with me on my bike. She sits in the handlebar basket and this summer, I am naturally taking her on my cycling holiday.

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