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- for older dogs and dogs with problems in joints and musculoskeletal system

Over time, both your and your dog's needs change. After a long and joyful life with thousands of walks and hours of play, joints and the musculoskeletal system in particular may start to cause problems and often pain. You have accompanied each other for many years and now, your dog deserves your special consideration.

Uniq Nordic Gold's Mimer for older dogs makes allowance for the fact that your dog needs less protein and fat. Therefore, we have reduced the content of protein and fat, and added eggs to Mimer to help your dog's digestion by facilitating the take-up of minerals and vitamins. In order to strengthen joints and bone structure, Mimer contains plenty of the important and natural glucosamine from shellfish from the Nordic coasts and omega-3 fatty acids from krill. Organic, cold-pressed rapeseed and hempseed oils contribute omega acids and the Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) that is so important for dogs. With Mimer, you do not need to add oils and nutrients to keep your dog fit and healthy. The special combination of ingredients ensures that Mimer has a low, but proportionally balanced, content of calcium and phosphorus. Of course, Mimer contains neither cereals nor gluten.

Naturally, Mimer is suitable for grown dogs of all ages that have problems with their joints and musculoskeletal system such as hip dysplasia. Due to the reduced amount of protein and fat, Uniq Nordic Gold's Mimer is also recommended as part of a diet for overweight dogs.


  • Fish, krill and shellfish from the North Sea – rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids
  • Eggs and easily digestible chicken
  • Fruit and vegetables from Danish fields: apples, peas, beans, potatoes and beet fibre
  • Cold-pressed organic rapeseed and hempseed oil from Denmark
  • Organic herbs from our own fields: Yarrow, red clover, fenugreek, rose hip, thyme, fennel, goat's rue, mint, field horsetail and milk thistle seed
  • Extra natural glucosamine from green-lipped mussels
    Analytic content         
    per kg
    Crude protein 17%
    Crude fat 10%
    Cellulose 4,5%
    Crude ash 7%
    Water 7%
    Calcium 1,0%
    Phosphorus 0,8%
    Magnesium 1,2 g
    Sodium 3,5 g
    Energy Kcal 3.734
    Fatty acids  
    Omega-3 4 g
    Omega-6 22 g
    Additives per kg
    Vitamin A 18.000ie
    Vitamin D3 1.800 ie
    Vitamin E, Alpha-Tokopherol 130 mg
    Vitamin B1 9,6 mg
    Vitamin B2 7,2 mg
    Vitamin B6 6 mg
    Vitamin B12 0,04 mg
    Pantothentic acid 18 mg
    Folic acid 1,2 mg
    Biotin 0,72 mg
    Niacin 24 mg
    Choline chloride 700 mg
    Trace elements per kg:  
    Iron: Iron-(II)-Sulfat, Monohydrat 180 mg
    Zink: Zink-(II)-Sulfat, Monohydrat 180 mg
    Lodine: Potassium iodide 2,4 mg
    Selenium: Sodium selenite 0,15 mg
    Copper: Copper-(II)-Sulfat, Pentahydrat 12 mg
    Manganese: Manganese-(II)-Sulfat 12 mg
    Cobalt: Cobalt-(II)-Sulfat, Heptahydrat 1,2 mg
    Antioxidants: Tocopherol-rich extracts (natural)
    Preservation: Citric acid